Monday, February 2, 2009

Is it April First?

This is a joke, right? RIGHT???!!!

"It has long been shunned as a junk food, but now, a new study has claimed
that the humble chip can actually battle cancer.
Chips are rich in vitamin C, which boffins consider could fight the deadly disease.
It is thought the vitamin tackles dangerous free radicals, which are associated
with cancer growth, reports the Daily Star. By eating a portion of chips
- which contains five times more vitamin C than a bunch of grapes - people
may keep cancer at bay. And those already suffering with the disease
could even shrink the size of their tumours with a vitamin C rich,
deep-fried potato diet, the researchers said."

I've died and gone to heaven. (Laughs gleefully while tearing open a bag of Lay's Magic Masala.)

A couple of bags later....alright, it was three! Sheesh! Anyway, much later...

Ok, sobering up, could anybody tell me why wasn't the Vitamin C level compared to oranges or other fruits/veggies with notoriously high levels of Vitamin C, why grapes? Seems like a bullshit study to me, sponsored by chip companies.

I love chips, wouldn't give em up for the world, but even I draw the line at believing they are good for me. Its fried, and flavored with artificial ingredients, does that sound like a cancer-fighting diet to you? Indulge in moderation, get your fix of veggies and fruits, there are few things more delicious than juicy fruits and crisp veggies, eat without guilt, eat with an appetite, run, play, will be just fine.


Ashwini Deshpande

Hey manasiiiii...such a yummy blog yah!! I think the very sight of your blog can satiate a hungry stomache!! The least one can have!! And, ofcourse you write great as well:) I love your blog!!

Varsha Vipins

Indeed a new news n quite good one for many like you..he he..Luckily am not a chip all the time now..yeah??:D
btw.u dint tell me which cam are u using now??


Thanks Ashu!Its not the least you can have you liar. You have a hunk of a husband who cooks. Don't you dare complain about a thing.

Varsha, not a chip lover! You are banned from this blog! :) Kidding babe. Will email you about the cam I'm using.


wow, that is some good news, I will go & grab a bag now


come back after you finish the bag deesha!


come back after you finish the bag deesha!


Lay's Magic masala? Is that a new flavor? Is it available here?


Your 'this' link doesn't work! :(


Aaah ... finally! After all those health related infos everywhere we go ... this is a post after my own heart. :-)

The knife

hey, came to your blog after ages...and wondered what made me wait so long? It looks lovely. And i so hope the news on chips is true :)


Jessica, the flavor is available only in India, its a bit like Indian Chaat Masala.

Aniruddha, the text is reproduced in the post. I can't find the original link either.

Sharmila, health-smealth :)

Knife, now that you are here, stay :)

Adhi Potoba

That's all the incentive I need to polish off this here fine bag of kettle cooked chips. Now I am no longer the pig who ate the whole bag... I'm someone who is fighting cancer even if it is while watching Seinfeld reruns and with crumbs all over me.

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