Sunday, February 1, 2009


Sometimes you just don't mess with the classics. So when a traditional chutney is called for, there cannot be any substitute for creamy coconut, fresh sprigs of coriander, sharp green chillies, nutty dal ground together and topped with a simple mustard, curry leaves tempering.
Maybe one odd dried red chili as well and some hing. That's it.
And then simply serve with hot idlis. Another classic.


Varsha Vipins

Hey Mansi..loong time gal..Where WERE you??n well..nice comeback with that peppy made me drool..:)

Kitchen Flavours

Welcome back....Nice to see you back with an awesome chutney.


A classic & a welcome breakfast.. i love the coriander flavoured coconut chutney :)

Nice header too.


Varsha, Sorry :) Got no excuses. (grins sheepishly). I see you have been posting with an alarming regularity! Keep it up.

KF, Thank you :) good to be back amongst you fine folks.

Laavanya, thanks for noticing the header!

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