Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gulkand Malai Kulfi- Recipe Marathon Day 1

I understand how people get attached to their blogs. Its so much more than a virtual space, a friend who waits for you, ungrudging, while you deal with your life. Never judging or criticising, just asking for a visit, every once in a while. Yeah, I can see how that bond has power over me.

It has been silent on the cooking front for a while now, my indulgent cooking giving way to quick fix meals and more often than not, a hurried slice of pizza in the school cafeteria.
However, what better way to finish the year off than with a return to the old lifestyle with Nupur's Recipe Marathon!
7 days, 7 recipes, 28 (at the last count) participants!
Here is a recipe that was languishing in my folder for a while now. I made it when summer was on its way out and leaves were already changing color. Rich and creamy with the wonderful floral notes from dried rose petals, its a dessert I crave just as much in the brutal NY winters too. Gulkand is somewhat like a preserve made from dried rose petals and sugar, one of those rare things that are good for you that also taste good. I love it plain, but the I have to admit that the kulfi is sinfully delicious.
I used a modified version of this recipe from Allrecipes, although you can hardly go wrong with just Gulkand, cream and a little bit of sugar. Also, it was just enough for two, you might want to bump up the measurements if you are serving more.
1 cup evaporated milk
2 cups light cream
4-5 tablespoons Gulkand
2 drops Rose essence.
I skipped the bread and any other flavors in the Kulfi; I wanted it to taste like the creamier version of Gulkand but you could add cardamom. Boil the cream, add Gulkand, stir in evaporated milk and rose essence and chill. Try some heavy cream if you are feeling brave, and sugar if you like your desserts extra sweet. And that's it!
The process is simple but the star ingredient can be a little elusive, so if you can't arm twist anybody from India to carry Gulkand for you, I have seen some canned stuff in Indian stores. Having never tried it, I can't really vouch for it, but its sugar and rose petals. That combination cannot be wrong!
So, hope you have a fantastic holiday season and I will see you tomorrow for Day 2 of the marathon!

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