Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The one in which...

...we are a little pressed for time and cannot offer you quality material but will direct you to someone that does. I have always been fond of learning about unique cooking techniques. Its an age old art and I'm amazed there is still room for creativity.

Couple of fascinating articles on truly inventive cooking methods.

The first is from Slate about a method of cooking that involves sealing food in vacuum and slow cooking it in its own juices. I can only imagine what a gastronomical delight it would be.
Sous-vide cooking by Sara Dickerman

The other link if from my favorite boredom busting site Listverse. I can spend several happy days browsing the archives. I'm a geek like that :)
Top 10 Unusual cooking concepts by JFrater.

So go ahead, click on the links. You know you want to :)

And just so I can justify this as a food blog, here is a yummy picture of veggies.


Komal Shah-Kapoor

I absolutely love your blog...I've been following it on and off...some of your desserts look delicious...and I like your writing too! Keep up the fun work!

Varsha Vipins

2nd link is not working dear..updateeee


Fixed. Thanks Varsha.

Komal, thanks for leaving the comment.Something to show the hubby now :)


Ha ha... we don't need a picture of the veggies to know this is a food blog.. you have all those fab recipes posted already. Will be sure to check out the links - Thanks.

Sheetal Kiran

Beautiful photograph! But, pray tell, where is the recipe using those wonderful techniques ;)

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!!

hai there, first time here...lovely blog..


Dear Manasi, wish you and yours a fabulous 2009! I've been seeing the sous vide technique used a lot in iron chef lately, and I also read that some of the big kitchen appliance makers are going to come up with some sous vide appliances for the home kitchen! Can't wait.. :)

Chinmay Kulkarni

leave d recipes,i liked photos very much


Sheetal, it took me a lifetime to cook decently on a stove. Now you want me to learn a new technique!!!

Thanks Kitchen Scientist. Hope to see you here mor often!

Laavanya, coulnd't resist showing off with the pic. I was so proud of it! :)

Sig, I can totally see you running off to buy the first one when they come out! :)

Chimu, for you its not just pics. If you come by you can have the real thing. And no recipes!

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