Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things are happy in KisstheCook land...

...because I downloaded Picassa 3 which has better collage options than Picassa 2.
So obviously I went overboard and made a gaudy collage. Wouldn't you?
For a more restrained and completely adorable collage, click here.



This looks pretty neat, never gotten around to trying picasa before.

veggie belly

very cute! I will download picasa 3. I use an older version; besides, my collage skills are rather primitive. This looks very professional.

Sheetal Kiran

Me likes! Very, very cute! I loves me Picasa too ... nothing like it :D


Anudivya, its does make my awful photography a bit presentable.

Veggie Belly, my collage skills are no better. Picassa ka jadoo hai! :)

Sheetal, I know, right!


Nice! Tempting collage there.


Tanks Laavanya :)


As long as it's a food collage, I'm for it!


That sure is a cute collage... Now let me go upgrade my picasa! :)


That is very yummy and goddy indeed. You gave me an idea to dwnld and have fun with picasssa3. Thank u Dear. Your blog with that strawberry cursor looking good , and refrershing with so many colors


hi masni , can I have your email -id plz


Thanks for dropping in Sig, I've admired your blog for so long.

Sudeshna, I like the cursor too! :)

Sagari, sent the email id.

Purva Desai

It looks really inviting and neat...

Enjoy festivities by participating in Christmas Feast Event

Varsha Vipins

yay..yay..I got picasa 3 long back..But a bad cam..time for nother one I guess..hmm n loads of grey clouds here..:(
btw..a heavy compliment..I lovedd ur pic here..classic look with all that hair down dear.:)


Thanks Purva, will send something for you event.
Varsha, I have a bad cam too and even worse photography skills, but picassa makes life easier.


collage looks colorful with ur yum recipes!
join in the savory event going in my blog!

The knife

hey, couldn't find the 'follow the blog' option


Thanks Knife, link edited.

The knife

err, still couldn't find it


I don't know whats wrong Knife, it worked for me. In case, you are still interested, thats a photo collage on my other blog

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