Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love is....

...when the hubby gets chocolaty desserts for no reason....just.

So that's the Chocolate Praline cake, Chocolate Caramel Dome, Tiramisu and a Raspberry torte that was scarfed down before pictures could be taken. These were from Financier Patisserie, a place that I have passed often and drooled at. I would highly recommend..well, everything. :)



Aww.. that is very sweet of him indeed. Looks so delectable and pretty too.

Sheetal Kiran

My mouth just filled up with a whole lot of drool ... I swear I couldn't type straight! Looks too yummy for words!


Laavanya, Yeah, he tries...sometimes :)

Sheetal, head over to NYC and you won't have to just drool!

Divya Vikram

Looks gorgeous.. I am just so happy that you liked the stuffed jalapenos n swirls..Thanks a lot!


aweee, adorable...mouth watering yummy:)
Good going Mana, keep it up munchkin.

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