Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raspberry Limeade

What do you when you have tart, luscious, flaming red raspberries, but you cannot take a picture to save your life?

You trawl through other blogs, better blogs, people who are more than just monkeys with cameras and you look at nice recipes.

You feel inspired and decide to forget the non existent photography skills and focus on something where your failure rate is not that spectacular.

As a reward for your trouble you get a nice, refreshing drink in the middle of the afternoon.

Recipe courtesy
The only deviation I did (other than using raspberries in place of blackberries) was puree and strain the raspberry instead of juicing it through a cheesecloth because...
a. I did not have one and...
b. just seemed easier.
Highly recommended for lifting spirits after hopes and dreams as the next Annie Leibovitz have been crashed.



Don't be discouraged. We bought an SLR a few months ago and I had never used one. My first pictures were just darkness, haha...I'd like to think I've improved now so....if I can take a pic, so can anyone else.


Thanks Jessica, your photos are pretty good so if you say that you started where I am there might be hope for me yet!

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