Monday, March 10, 2008


This is one of my favorite sabji made by chana dal, but u can make it by besan (gram flour) also.


Chana dal---200 gms.(soaked in water for 5 hrs.)
Garlic paste----2 tbs.
Musterd seed----2 tbs
Red chilli powder--2 tsp
Coriander leaves---chopped
Turmeric powder---1/2tsp
Tomatoes-----1/2cup chopped
Methi seed----a pinch
Whole red chilli--2
oil--for deep frying
This sabji is made by 2 steps----1)-square or trianguler shape berfi or wari and2)-gravy

-For Wari u have to grind chana dal into fine paste.
-Then add salt,1/4tsp turmeric powder,1/2tbs garlic paste,1tsp red chilli powder,and a glass of water into this paste.
-Take a nonsticky karai or pan,put 1tbs oil
-Now put chana dal paste mixture and cook it stirring continuously on medium flame for around 10 minutes untill water evaporates (it should look like a dough by which u can make any shape),now switch off the gas.
-take 2 flat plates or tray,grese it eventually by oil,take 1 part of that dough in 1 plate and other part on another plate and flat the dough to 1 inch thickness around the plate (dough should have to be hot or warm,if it will cool down then it will not make any shape).
-After 15 min. cut it into any shape or size as you like,and deep fry till golden brown

-Take a karai,put 3tbs. oil,then add methi seeds and whole red chilli,cook untill methiseed turns golden brown.
-Then add mustard paste,turmeric powder,redchilli powder,fry it for 6-7min. on medium flame.
-Then add tomatoes and salt, and cook for more 5 min. then add 1 glass of water.When water start boiling then put the waries and coriender leaves and switch off the gas immediately and cover the pan for 10 min. and then serve hot with rice.



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