Friday, February 15, 2008

Gajar (Carrot) Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is mainly made by Carrot and Milk. Do u know that Carrot is a good source of Vit. A and Milk is of Vit.D and Calcium? So u can imagine how great it can be for u and ur kids,so just try this recipe-----------


-Carrots- 1 k.g




-Condensed milk---10-12oz.

-Kaju--16 sliced


-Almonds-14 sliced

-Pista-10 sliced

-Cardamom 5- powdered


-Wash, peel off and then grate the carrots or u can grind them in grinder.

-Put 3-4 tbs ghee in one karai or saucepan and then put the gratted carrot in it,fry them at medium flame for 5 min.

-Then add 1 lit. boiled milk,and let them cook till milk dries stirring occasionally

-Then put condensed milk,and let them cook till milk dries completely

-Now add sugar and remainning ghee,and fry them for 15 mins. stirring continuously

-Switch off the gas and then garnish with dry fruits.

-Serve hot.



hi! just popped in, first time.

feeling hungry right after lunch, after i looked at those photos ...

just tried gajar ka halwa last week on the electric cooker...
it works nicely...
just add ghee in the cooker, and add the carrot that has been finely chopped/grated; cook for five minutes; add the sugar and let it cook for about 15/20 min; and finally add about 300 gms of milk khoa (instead of condensed milk)... voila!

* i think i'll make some this evening*

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